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Interview: Disinfect

Disinfect are a brutal death metal group from Germany who were founded in 1999 by Martin "Go" Offenwagner (lead vocals) and Christian Kilian (lead guitar).

The following interview took place between December 2011 - February 2011.

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The interview is done between Villi Thorne, Martin Offenwagner and Christian Kilian.

I noticed the band's first release was a live album. Most bands release a promo, demo, or EP and it is quite rare to see a live album as the first release. Why a live album?
This is not "only" a live one this was our first gig ever and we had the chance to record the gig for free. It was a cheap promo for us because the sound is very good and as a new band the best way to save some money and to get a real first hint of the band.

The 2009 full length release, Screams of Pleasure contains material much more in depth, heavier, and a bit more technical than the previous release Beinspender. Was that the over all goal of the new album, and the direction you are trying to take?
Yeah, sure. Our goal is to get heavier, more brutal and more technical! There is no need for a "second" Beinspender album. There are no changes in the kind of music it's still brutal death metal but with some new ideas and a step forward.

The final result of Screams of Pleasure matched the direction very close we were trying to take for that album. We introduced a more modern sound style by keeping the idea of “Brutal, fast Death-Metal”.

The official music video for "Casket Born", the first song from Screams of Pleasure is definitely not for the weak of stomach or heart. Where did the idea come from, and how do you think it enhances the overall experience of the song?
When I entered the Band, the song “Casket Born” was already existing, including lyrics. The song and lyrics were written by “Mr. Sailer”, the guitar player on the Beinspender album. I think he did a great job for this song. The video gave me the possibility to clarify my vision about song in visual form. Even if the lyrics and shown pictures differ in some cases, the mix of sound, lyrics and visual material fits very nice together and enhances the experience of the song. The rest of the record was written by Chris.

What were some of the major influences behind the material released on the new album?
You should ask what were the influences to start a band like this because the band exist 11 years ;) Mostly bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE... The influences are everything around us, not only music. It´s much about personal thoughts and ideology, too.

From the vocals side it’s “Chris Barnes” who influenced me for this album release.

Unfortunately, Stephan who played secondary guitar fell ill and had to leave the band. Will this hinder Disinfect at all, and do you have plans to find another secondary guitarist?
No, this is not a problem for us. He just played the stuff I made, no new ideas or songs. So he just helped us out. We have a new guitarist his name is Manuel and it seems like we found someone good.

It was not always easy to introduce Stephan for new ideas or creative output which matches the bands style. As Chris already mentioned there is a new guitar player on board which looks more promising for us.

Tmsz and A-X have worked previously with Belphegor. Have they incorporated their musical experience from that time period into Disinfect? If so, what influence has it made on the band as a whole?
Hehe funny question because Tmsz played before in Disinfect BEFORE he was playing for Belphegor, too.
He was the drummer in the beginning of the band, the drummer on the Beinspender album. He went out in 2003 and came back in 2008. So maybe you should ask Belphegor if they had some influences of our band ;) For me there are no influences because I almost write the whole music.

Tmsz influenced Disinfect during the Beinspender album was done. In fact Tmsz and A-X did not work on the Screams of Pleasure album and they did not recorded it with us. In 2008 they played multiple live gigs with us. In our upcoming songs they are not involved at all.

Most of Disinfect's touring has been done in Europe. Do you have any plans to tour in North America?
It's easy doing tours here because we only need a car or bus and we can play shows. Sure there are plans but of the whole costs it´s nearly impossible and we need contacts to do a tour. If we get a booker bringing us to North America we will come for sure! We had the chance for South America two times and Japan but the problem was the money we had to pay the tickets first and after the show we would get the money. It was a fair deal but we didn't have the money to start it.

Disinfect has been at many festivals, and has shared the stage with many great and brutal bands like Devourment, Cryptopsy and Napalm Death to name a few. What experiences does touring bring to the band, good and bad?
There are only good things...mostly haha. Like playing on cool festivals, in clubs, meeting new bands, getting in contact with fans and sometimes nice girls (my girlfriend shouldn't read this haha but this was before her time) seeing a lot of cities, countries and drinking a lot alcohol! Bad things maybe that we drink sometimes much to much alcohol ;) or the sleeping places we got and lack of getting enough sleep...

It was a really nice experience with all that different bands and different festivals. We surely do not like to miss that in any case. “Good: To be on stage, gathering new contacts, etc…” Bad: As Chris told.. maybe sometime a bit too much alcohol, but this do not match to everyone in band :)

As a band, are you overall happy with your previous releases? Are there any other directions you want to take in the future, or any particular type of album you would like to release?
Sure we are very happy with the releases, specially with the last album Screams of Pleasure there are no other directions! We are and we will still be a brutal Death Metal band!
If someone has the thoughts for some other directions then he should make a project and put the ideas there because we don´t wanna change the music stile!

We are really satisfied with the previous release. We will not change the style, but we will try to improve it without going into another direction.

What is the current situation with your label? On the Official Disinfect Youtube & Myspace pages it says you're looking for a label. If I understand correctly, Disinfect dropped Metal Age Productions as it's label after releasing Screams of Pleasure. What was the reason behind this? And have you had any luck in finding a new label? Any labels you have in mind?
We got the chance to split the contract and we took the chance because we were very unhappy with the work. They did nothing for the promotion only a Metal Age sampler and that´s reviews, interviews, concerts...and they made some shirts we had to pay for them.We decided to stop the whole thing because the contract was not the way we thought. To be honest the guys said they don´t do much but this was really nothing. There is no label in mind we had some contacts but we don´t need a second MA. We are still seeking a new one! Labels - get in contact!

The deal wasn't as good that it was worth to keep it. Leak of promotion and more. We do not miss them, but we would be happy anyway to get another label which fit’s better better to us from the contract side and services.

Thank you guys for your time in answering these questions. I'm looking forward to new releases and if you do end up coming to Canada on a tour, experiencing the band and music live!

Thanks for the interview and chance to get some new fans in Canada!


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