Sunday, February 26, 2012

News: Municipal Waste "The Fatal Feast" Track Reveal + 1 New Audio Stream

01. Waste In Space
02. Repossession
03. New Dead Masters
04. Unholy Abductor
05. Idiot Check
06. Covered In Sick/The Barfer
07. You’re Cut Off
08. Authority Complex
09. Standards And Practices
10. Crushing Chest Wound
11. The Monster With 21 Faces
12. Jesus Freaks
13. The Fatal Feast
14. 12 Step Program
15. Death Tax
16. Residential Disaster

"The Fatal Feast" is due out in North America on April 10th and in Europe on April 13th.

Below is an audio stream for the albums title track, "The Fatal Feast". 


Featured below is a bonus unreleased track that was provided on Decibel's Flexidisc series.

Source: Nuclear Blast


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