Monday, March 19, 2012

Lord Mantis "Pervertor" Full Album Stream

01. Perverter of the Will
02. Septichrist
03. Vile Divinity
04. Levia
05. Ritual Killer
06. At the Month
07. The Whip and the Body

Candlelight Records officially unleashes the second album from quartet Lord Mantis, bearing the title Pervertor, onto North American fans. Even though their 2009-released debut album Spawning The Nephilim and the members’ involvement in a variety of other notable extreme metal acts has already built the band a ravenous cult fanbase, Pervertor sets a new bar for the Chicago-based henchmen as it rapes your soul with nearly 50 minutes of caustic, crushing, blackened anguish.
To show their devotion to the scathing Lord Mantis tones, the underground correspondents over at Cvlt Nation have hosted a stream of Pervertor in its entirety. 

Have yourself disemboweled by the brutal tunes HERE.

Source: Candlelight Records


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