Monday, April 30, 2012

Issue 5: Ögenix Photo-Shoot, Live Videos and More!!!

We know the question on your mind...
"Where the FUCK is the content?!"

Hey there, devious readers of The Sin,
For the entire month of April you may have seen a decline in content, and for this Volumes of Sin would like to apologize. We've had a lot going on behind the scenes here that keeps pushing back the abundance of photos, videos, interviews and reviews that are all stockpiled away.
This being said, Volumes of Sin is a new and upcoming E-Zine that aspires to be chocked full of photos, videos and tons of content with every new issue each week. Sometimes it's a review of content sent to us, sometimes it's an idea done on the spur of the moment, but we try to keep it authentic and original. Being that we are so new, a lot of reconstruction of the site schedule is to be expected with the more content we receive.
Your patience and dedication is greatly appreciated within this time. Don't forget to check in every week for a new issue of Volumes of Sin, and various reviews and interviews throughout the week. In May there will be an explosion of new content!
                                       - Villi Thorne

I was invited recently by my friends from Ögenix to attend their first show outside of Montreal, Quebec (where they originate from) to do a photo-shoot and some live filming/photographing. Though the groups' electronic/industrial metal style isn't my forte, I jumped at the chance offered and readied myself for a small adventure up to the New York of Ontario, Canada known as Toronto.
They ended up playing at a venue called The Bovine Sex Club, which in and of itself was unique and had this distinct "cult" vibe that I have been searching for, and it made for a fun and interesting place to photograph. There is junk stuck all over the walls, stickers cover any inch of space that is available, and the guys toilet has a fence with crude boards that cover just barely enough.
This show, I found out later, was also  the CD release party for The Rabid Whole; another electronic/industrial band who are native to Toronto. They were really chill and nice and offered us a floor to crash on after the show, thanks guys!

Ögenix have incredible stage presence that comes with a raw, aggressive style which blends old-school tendencies with a fresh new age sound and image. They currently have a 3 song EP out right now titled "Cult", and the good news is that you can get it for free over at the their Offical Website, and if you like what you hear you can purchase the content to support the band over at their Band Camp page. If you're a fan of industrial metal, then the listen should be a treat for you. Ögenix have planned a full length release which should be coming out fairly soon, within the next couple of months, and Volumes of Sin will keep you updated on that.
For more photos from the shoot, scroll down and click to make them larger.
For more videos, head on over to my official YouTube channel.
If you would like to book me for live photography, professional photo-shoots, and/or live filming (1080p HD) you may contact me here.


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