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Interview: Aeternam - Drummer Talks About New Album, "Moongod", Details Revealed!

Exclusively at Volumes of Sin comes this interview directly from Symphonic/Folk Death Metal band, Aeternam. This interview took place between March - April of 2012 and discusses the details of their forthcoming second full-length release, Moongod.

Aeternam are not your average folk metal band by any means. Their debut album, 2010's "Disciples of the Unseen", received an incredible response thanks to the bands' unique Egyptian/Arabic sound which they achieve through using various, largely unheard of in metal, instruments. Not just your typical flutes and tambourines, but bongos and various other types of alternate drums and more. The Quebec band have been formed since 2007 and are signed with the highly prestigious Metal Blade Records.

The interview is done between Villi Thorne and Antoine Geurtin.

Greetings Aeternam! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to do the following interview!
Thanks for the spot !!

Currently, you are recording your second full-length album. What studio and producer are you working with?
We are working with JeF Fortin at Badass Studio, north of Montreal.  We worked with JeF for the first album and were quite happy with the result.  He's such an easy man to work with, and above all a friend so it was obvious that we would work with him again for the second album. 

How has the experience been so far?
Like I said, it is very easy to work with JeF.  Everything went so smoothly.  He help us polished some parts in the songs and lyrics so it was a complete win for us. 

What are you working on in the studio? Are the tracks finished recording?
At the time I write this down, the standard band (drum, bass, guitars, vocals) and the percussion and acoustic guitars are done.  The only things left are the choir parts (which we record in the next days) and some of the keyboards/orchestrations, which I do in my home studio in Quebec.  So still a lot of work to do, but we're getting closer to the end !

Your first full-length, "Disciples of the Unseen", had an array of different instrument elements to it that aren't too often heard in metal, and this gave the album its distinct Arabic/Egyptian sound. Will we see these elements return to the new album? If so, what additives can we look forward to hearing?
Yes ! We have another acoustic song in the album.  This is part of the band.  We always wanted to give this "break" to the listener and just put him straight back 2000 years ago in the desert you know, like a movie score can do.  There are also some acoustic/ambient parts in the more metal songs so yes, there are definitely unusual instruments in the album.

Is there any information that can be shared about the forthcoming album? Title, duration, track listing, or how many tracks?
Yes, the album is called Moongod and will contain 9 songs. Here are the titles.
1. Moongod
2. Invading Jerusalem
3. Cosmogony
4. Iram of the Pillars
5. Rise of Arabia
6. Xibalba
7. Descent of Gods
8. Idol of the Sun
9. Hubal, Profaner of Light

With "Disciples of the Unseen" there was a large variety of lyrical content, all centering around different religions and ancient civilizations. Will the new album have the same variety, or will there be a consistant lyrical theme?
It is the very same kind of lyrics... Ancient civilizations, religions, you got it right.  Nevertheless, we focused more on a pre-Islamic theme along the album.  This is not a conceptual album, but most of the songs deal with that subject.  We also have a song about the mayan and another song about the Indus civilization.

Out of the studio and off the stage, what do you guys enjoy doing?
We are completely different guys.  Ash is always playing soccer.  Alex is studying pastries, Max is a sound man and I work in a TV station and play DnD (I'm so geek).

What are the biggest influences behind your material, and behind the band as a whole?
I'd say Behemoth started us.  We are all big fan of Behemoth and wanted to play the same kind of music.  But you know, we didn't wanted to become Behemoth 2, and we have all a very melodic background in our music interests.  If not, we all listen to different music so I think that's a plus.  We don't stick to a specific kind of music, and we use our middle eastern theme to make it coherent when we compose.  Without that, our music wouldn't make sense.  There are some black, death, thrash and even power metal parts in this album.  It would be a mess.

Lastly, when can listeners and fans be expecting to hear the new content?
Expect a more mature, more epic, more melodic, more brutal album than the first one.  We did what we were up to at the moment and gave our 100% for this album.  Let's hope everybody will like it as we do !

Thank you, Aeternam, for taking the time to talk with me! Here's to looking forward to your new record! Good luck, and best wishes. 
Thanks ! Stay tuned, news (and even maybe a new song) coming out soon.

To follow Aeternam and the release of "Moongod" you can head over to the bands' Official Website or Official Facebook.


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