Thursday, May 31, 2012

News: Keep of Kalessin At Work on New Album

Keep of Kalessin guitarist Obsidian C. has posted an update on his blog about starting the writing for a new album and follow-up to "Reptilian." He comments:

"I have taken some time out to really start focusing on the new Keep Of Kalessin album. For the last few months I've been focusing on other projects, more of which you will hear about later this year and in the coming years as a few of them are quite large undertakings so it won't happen over night.
"But right now I have arrived in Spain for a month of writing and creative flow with main focus on the new Keep Of Kalessin album. I brought my laptop, a soundcard and my guitar and the plan is to start jogging and swimming as well as writing music. I need to get my body and soul back into shape! ;)
"I already have some songs, bits and pieces ready so I need to sit down and be structured about finishing those ideas in the coming days. I always write new guitar riffs and many of them I'm satisfied with, but I always aim to have a good structure in a song which often mean that I actually leave my best riffs out of the album because they never fit into any song.
"It is also a fact that lately I've been kinda worn out regarding metal productions. Normally I easily write 10 riffs a day or a full song in 30 minutes, but lately I've just felt empty. Nothing I've written has been good enough. Understand me correctly, I've written good stuff, but not for Keep.
After the two years of touring since Reptilian was released I think my mind just shut down on this project and only lately has the harddrive started to reboot concerning this band. Maybe it's because I've set the standards for the next album so high that anything I write is not good enough, but inspiration to do another album has started to come back and I'm ready to start pushing the limit once again.
"Today's task is simple though. I need to go out and buy a new external harddrive which I'll install the Native Instruments Komplete 8 pack on with it's 250gb of sounds. I also need a harddrive to store all the audio tracks and new ideas on. Let's call this one the 'Project Drive' which will follow me through the entire production of the new album.
"I also need some new shoes for jogging. ;) So, off shopping then...."

Source: Metal Underground


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