Friday, May 25, 2012

Stream: Dehuman "Black Throne All Creation" Full Album

Kaotoxin Records, Clawhammer PR, and Apoch’s Metal Review have teamed up for the Memorial Day weekend to bring Metal fans an outlet for their pent up holiday rage! Now you can stream the entire Dehuman album Black Throne of All Creation for a limited time! Dehuman is a Progressive Death Metal group from Brussels, Belgium, and this is their debut full-length effort! You will be able to pick this one up through Kaotoxin on May 29th, 2012 at

Go visit my buddy Apoch's Site and listen now!

 1. Apocalypse and Perdition
2. Monstrosity in the Hands of God
3. Eyes of a Thousand
4. Spiral of Loss
5. Down with the World
6. Harvest the Sun
7. Cast of Assassination
8. Black Mamba
9. Path to Oblivion


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