Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stream: Sions Funeral "Possession" Song

German death metal act Sions Funeral has now finished recording a new EP and has posted a track from the upcoming release online. Check out the song "Possession" in the player below. The band also commented on its history and sound:
"The style of Sions Funeral cannot be defined precisely, even within the band, due to the many different influences like The Black Dahlia Murder or In Flames. In summary, it can be described as melodic death metal.
"Sions Funeral was started back in September 2009, initially under a different name. The founding members were Nicolas Kauke (guitar) and drummer Dustin 'Steve' Waltemode. In November 2009, the second guitarist Kai Slupski joined the band And in January 2010, bassist Sven Dobbert. The singer Mika Mex completed the band in February 2010. In May 2010, the band began to play their first gigs in, for example, Zero (Arnsberg. At the end of the year they decided to record their first demo CD.
"Sions Funeral refers to a killing spree, which had taken place in the Indian city of Mumbai, in the county region Sion (1989). These violent crimes, that were never solved, attributed to an offender who is known as 'Stoneman,' he is called this because he mostly killed his victims with a rock.
"We want to, like any other band, inspire and carry away the audience. Each song tells a short story that the listener can interpret individually and thus can identify himself with our music."


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