Monday, June 11, 2012

News: Aeternam Reveal "Moongod" Album Cover + 1 New Song

Earlier this year, Volumes of Sin interviewed drummer Antoine Guertin from the Canadian symphonic/folk death metal band Aeternam (seen here). In the interview, he revealed the their new album name and track listing in full. Guertin even hinted to releasing a new song soon in the interview, looks like it came true!
Now, Aeternam have finally posted the album artwork for Moongod, and to go with it a brand new song from among the 9 tracks listed. Hear "Invading Jerusalem" in the player below!

1. Moongod
2. Invading Jerusalem
3. Cosmogony
4. Iram of the Pillars
5. Rise of Arabia
6. Xibalba
7. Descent of Gods
8. Idol of the Sun
9. Hubal, Profaner of Light 


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