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Reviews from 2014

Type Band Album Date Posted
EP A Scar for the Wicked The Necrobutcher September 4th
Game Amnesia A Machine for Pigs January 5th
Full-Length Apokalyptic Raids Only Death Is Real... (Reissue) April 29th
Full-Length Arising Fear Beyond Betrayal May 1st
Full-Length Basement Torture Killings A Night of Brutal Torture January 24th
Game Batman Arkham Asylum [Game of the Year Edition] August 20th
Full-Length Below Across the Dark River April 3rd
Full-Length Black Anvil Hail Death September 5th
Compilation Bleeding Fist Death's Old Stench April 26th
EP Bloodstrike Necrobirth September 6th
Full-Length Bookakee Whorrific March 13th
Game Borderlands Borderlands January 26th
DLC Borderlands The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned February 2nd
Game Brothers A Tale of Two Sons March 31st
Full-Length Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain September 4th
Full-Length Citizen Vicious Loud Mean Fast Dirt May 4th
Full-Length Cognitive Cognitive May 23th
Full-Length Countess The Gospel of the Horned One April 16th
Full-Length Countess The Return of the Horned One April 16th
Full-Length Countess Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam April 30th
Full-Length Coven Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls February 1st
Full-Length Demonic Rage Venomous Wine from Putrid Bodies April 29th
Full-Length Despot Satan in the Death Row June 6th
Full-Length Dictated The Deceived August 16th
Full-Length Dodsferd The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race April 24th
Full-Length Domains Sinister Ceremonies June 5th
Game Dragon's Lair II Time Warp January 5th
Full-Length Ekove Efrits Nowhere March 16th
Compilation Embalmer There Was Blood Everywhere September 6th
EP Engine of Creation Engine of Creation May 21st
EP Eteritus Tales of Death May 21st
EP Evil Damn Black Effigy April 29th
Demo Evilnight Stormhymns of Filth April 19th
Full-Length Exmortus Slave to the Sword April 18th
Full-Length Eyeswithoutaface Warguts May 21st
Game Fester Mudd Curse of the Gold [Episode One] April 13th
Full-Length Frigoris Wind March 8th
Full-Length Galaktik Cancer Squad Ghost Light March 6th
Full-Length Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead September 5th
Game Ghost Recon Future Soldier February 25th
EP Ghoul Hang Ten April 4th
Full-Length Gluttony Beyond the Veil of Flesh June 10th
Full-Length Goatwhore Constricting Rage of the Merciless August 16th
EP Graves at Sea This Place is Poison June 7th
Full-Length Graveborne Through the Window of the Night January 3rd
EP Halahkuh Desecration January 12th
EP Hellgoat End of Man September 5th
Single High Spirits High Spirits March 28th
Demo Hod The Uncreated Demo April 29th
Full-Length Hollow Mordrake June 3rd
Game Home Home January 5th
Full-Length Hour of Penance Regicide April 24th
Single Hull Legend of the Swamp Goat April 20th
Full-Length I Exist From Darkness April 17th
Full-Length In My Shiver Delicate Poison March 5th
EP Infernal Curse The End Upon Us April 29th
Full-Length Kataplexis Downpour January 11th
Full-Length Killgasm A Stab in the Heart of Christ April 26th
Full-Length Kult of Taurus Divination Labyrinths February 5th
Full-Length Lachrymanopia Released January 28th
Game Love Love April 21st
Full-Length Lycanthia Oligarchy March 7th
Game Major Mayhem Major Mayhem April 6th
Single Midnite Hellion Hour of the Wolf January 3rd
EP Morbid Slaughter Wicca September 7th
Full-Length Morfin Inoculation January 31st
Game Murdered Soul Suspect August 17th
Full-Length Neglektum Blasphemer May 1st
EP Nethermost Alpha February 9th
Full-Length Netra Sørbyen March 15th
Full-Length Nocturnal Graves ...From the Bloodlines of Cain March 28th
Split Nunslaughter & Acid Witch Spooky March 25th
Full-Length October 31 Meet Thy Maker (Reissue) March 29th
Full-Length Odradek Room Bardo. Relative Reality March 19th
Full-Length Obsidian Tongue A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time February 26th
EP Ogenix Robotic Pestilence June 3rd
Full-Length Ogre The Last Neanderthal April 19th
EP Our Souls Evolve Origins January 29th
Full-Length Paimonia A Disease Named Humanity June 7th
Full-Length Pallor Mortis The Art of Terror May 7th
Game Papo & Yo Papo & Yo April 7th
Game Paranormal State Poison Spring [Collector's Edition] May 5th
Full-Length Pilgrim II: Void Worship April 19th
Full-Length Portrait Crossroads April 18th
Game Post Mortem One Must Die [Extended Cut] April 15th
Full-Length Profezia Oracolo Suicida April 24th
Full-Length Ramming Speed Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die January 30th
Full-Length Rising Abominor May 1st
EP Running Death The Call of Extinction March 2nd
Demo Sadhak Sadhak June 10th
Demo Sangus Legionaris Vengeful Brutality January 12th
Game Saturday Morning RPG Saturday Morning RPG February 2nd
Full-Length Septekh Plan for World Domination June 6th
Full-Length Serpentine Path Emanations September 6th
Full-Length Shitfucker Suck Cocks in Hell April 20th
Game The Shivah [Kosher Edition] April 14th
Demo Skelethal Deathmanicvs Revelation April 18th
Game South Park The Stick of Truth March 25th
Game Splinter Cell Blacklist February 12th
Full-Length Trobar Charivari September 1st
Full-Length Subterranean Disposition Subterranean Disposition March 14th
Full-Length The Lurking Corpses Workin' for the Devil August 19th
EP The Lustmord Trapped in Purgatory June 6th
Full-Length Thy Flesh Thymiama Mannan May 21st
Full-Length Thyruz Svik May 24th
Full-Length Töxik Death Speed Metal Hell January 23rd
Full-Length Toxic Waltz Decades of Pain March 2nd
Game Type:Rider Type:Rider April 14th
EP Unchained Beast Leading the Lamb April 30th
Full-Length Under Aspect The Things You Should Not See April 27th
Game Unearthed Trail of Ibn Battuta [Gold Edition] August 20th
Game Valiant Hearts The Great War August 12th
Full-Length Vardan The Woods Is My Coffin January 3rd
Full-Length Vengeful Ghoul Timeless Warfare May 1st
Full-Length Venom Welcome to Hell February 6th
Full-Length Vestal Claret The Cult of Vestal Claret September 7th
Full-Length Vin de Mia Trix Once Hidden from Sight March 20th
Game Völgarr the Viking Völgarr the Viking January 6th
Full-Length Warfist The Devil Lives in Grünberg May 23th
Full-Length Whip Digitus Impudicus May 7th
Full-Length Whitechapel Our Endless War April 17th
Full-Length Windbruch No Stars, Only Full Dark February 9th


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