Friday, June 08, 2012

Site Update: A Couple of Quick Things

Hails readers of the Sin!

I know in my last post I promised a new domain name early June. Well, it is early June and no new domain...this is for a couple of reasons.
The main and most important one being that I fucked up the order, and I searched to no avail to find a contact number to a customer support line, like it directed me to do so. So for this, I have to wait for the order to just cancel itself. This means the domain will most likely be coming next month. Due to another personal life reason, this may have to be delayed until August or thereabouts.

This will in no way hinder Volumes of Sin or its growth, so keep sending us your material for review! For those that have sent me your content, please sit tight as I am in the process of your review. 2012 material comes above all previous releases at the time, so if your content is from 2011 or later newer material will be reviewed first but I will be catching up soon.

Also, I have a new writer joining the ranks of Volumes of Sin. Up until this time everything has remained a one-person project. My new advocate will be in charge of reviewing orchestral, operatic, and symphonic metals, mostly. The majority of reviews will still remain done by myself, Villi Thorne.

So, have a great weekend and catch the new issue of Volumes of Sin around Monday, June 11th!


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