Saturday, June 16, 2012

Site Update: Current Changes, Upcoming Concerts

Hey, Readers of the Sin!

I've been implementing a lot of new changes around the site. For example, the Reviews section now has enough content that I have made an A-Z search, plus a genre search. The genre links aren't updated yet, but A-Z are functional. The genres should be functional sometime next week.
There is also a "New" link that you can click to be taken to a list of the newest reviews.

I have also cleaned up the Live Metal page and added the most recent events that I have filmed/photographed.

This should provide easier navigation and a sleeker layout.

The News and Stream sections are most likely going to stay the way that they are. Both topics are generally fleeting and streams don't tend to stay up forever, creating many useless pages to house such info would be a waste of both mine and your time.

I also added a visual rating system to the reviews as well, on top of a new interface.

In July I will be attending Shockwave Festival (Cattle Decapitation, Havok, Voivod, Fear Factory and more) and also a Skeletonwitch / Barn Burner show. I can't wait to see these bands again, I have not seen Cattle Decapitation since 2009 and Skeletonwitch since 2010. They are both among my top favorites to photograph.

Anyway, that is it for now. Stay tuned!

- Villi Thorne


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