Friday, June 29, 2012

Site Update: Shockwave Fest, Upcoming Cattle Decapitation Interview and More!

Hey readers of the Sin!
Owner/operator Villi Thorne here with the latest site update. As older viewers can see, much has changed around the site. I'm still working on updating sections of the Review page (the genre links are not yet functional, but that will be fixed soon) and we shall be getting our own domain name fairly soon!

You can subscribe to Volumes of Sin via the right hand of the main page, by the scroll bar. There is a pop out tab. I'm looking into making a more functional layout for these features that seem to be hidden to most.

Great news! Cattle Decapitation have agreed to conduct a filmed interview with myself at Shockwave Festival in mid July! I'm not going to unveil the details of the subject yet, but lets just say it will be very interesting for all Cattle Decap fans, new and old. I'll also be attending the Skeletonwitch/Barn Burner tour in July as well.

Recently also I have made contact with Blast Head Records and an interview with Tombthroat and the owner of the label are in the works. Lots of new content to be coming to the Volumes!

Keep us bookmarked, check back for the latest in metal news and reviews, live photography and more! Like us on Facebook and help spread the Sin!

- Villi Thorne
Keeper of the Volumes


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