Thursday, July 12, 2012

News: Harley Flanagan's First Interview Since Stabbing Incident, What Really Happened

New York hardcore outfit Cro-Mags recently had an incident involving their ex-bassist stabbing their current bassist. Harley Flanagan's first interview since the now infamous night on July 6 at Webster Hall in New York. The ex-bassist discusses what happened.

Harley states to NYNatives: "...I'm getting the shit beat out of me. ...Then at that point that's when the bouncers managed to get in the room and I ended up getting dragged out into the balcony area, which is where everybody says the mêlée took place but no the mêlée took place in the dressing room behind a locked door where I was getting jumped people by myself."

Photos of Harley's injuries were also posted. Read the full story here.


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