Wednesday, July 04, 2012

News: Hate Recording New Album, "Solarflesh"

Polish blackened death metal group Hate have started the recording sessions for a new album entitled "Solarflesh.". The album is slated to be released worldwide via Napalm Records in January, 2013. The band’s frontman announces:

“Here we are in Sound Division Studio in Warsaw working with Filip 'Heinrich' Halucha and Arek 'Malta' Malczewski (Behemoth’s soundguy) behind the console. We are aware that 'SOLARFLESH' is going to be our sickest, most hypnotic and diverse album up to date - the biggest challenge and definitely new chapter in our career.

"It’s not just like recording another album… it’s a real transition! On this album we definitely explore new territories and push the boundaries of this beautiful and sick genre to its absolute limits! The material contains 12 collages. Most of them are insanely fast (270 bpm). Others are groovy, trance-like mantras that seem to haunt you forever. They all have rich background of samples and other elements that make them sound multidimensional.

"We also have several dark ambient compositions that seem like complete avant-garde. I’ve been working on them with Michal Staczkun, the guy who did excellent job on our previous album 'Erebos.' We are also working on a few songs with Androniki Skoula, a singer from Greece, known for her involvement in the project Chaostar, as well as collaboration with Septicflesh and Rotting Christ. She’s adding some 'Hellenic' flair to the songs that makes them even more elaborate."


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