Tuesday, July 10, 2012

News: Latest on Randy Blythe's Situation, Still Detained as a Potential "Flight Risk"

According to Novinky.cz, the Czech news outlet that originally broke the story of Blythe’s imprisonment, the prosecuting attorney filed a complaint this past Friday, July 6,  with the intent of blocking Blythe’s release on bail. There will be another bail hearing… at some point. Presumably, the prosecutor believes Blythe is a flight risk. Fingers crossed that the complaint is overruled.
Apparently there’s been some fan backlash against the legal fund Lamb of God launched on Blythe’s behalf last week. As guitarist Willie Adler has subsequently pointed out, “We are by no means requesting charity, nor are we demanding money from our fans. We have received dozens upon dozens of requests from supporters wanting to help in any way possible. This was a direct response to that, in order to give fans a voice in all of this – if they choose to do so.” In other words: a lot of fans wanted to try and help Randy, and this was the band’s way of allowing them to do so. The band did not necessarily need money for Randy’s defense. Which explains why they specifically said that “One hundred percent of the money raised will go to the legal fees and any remaining balance will be given to a charity of Randy’s choice upon his release” in the original statement. This is NOT an attempt to exploit Blythe’s hardships for additional income. 
We will, of course, continue to cover this story as more news develops.
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