Tuesday, July 03, 2012

News: More Footage of Randy Blythe Incident

More video footage has surfaced of the Czech Republic concert at which Blythe’s alleged manslaughter killing of 19-year old “Daniel N.” Footage posted earlier today showed Blythe interacting with Daniel N. after the latter had jumped on stage, but it turned out that while that clip was indeed filmed at the same show, the incident shown was not the one for which Blythe is being charged.

The Gauntlet has obtained video footage of all three times Daniel N. jumped on stage at the show in question. Watch below:

Recent news regarding this includes the previously found Footage of the Manslaughter Incident, also Randy Blythe Will Not Be Released for Another Ten Days, the Original Statement Regarding Randy's Release, guitarist Willie Adler's Comment on Blythe's Situation, also Randy Blythe's Brother Speaking Out, the Lamb of God PR Statement, an Eyewitness Account of the Concert in Question, and the Details of Randy Blythe's Arrest for Manslaughter.  


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