Thursday, July 12, 2012

News: Randy Blythe Will Have Another Court Hearing

According to an article in The Gauntlet, Randy Blythe will have another bail hearing on Thursday, July 19th. The municipal court's three judge panel won't be convening until that date, so Randy will have his third shot at having his bail upheld. Even if the bail is upheld, the prosecutor can still have another court to rule on top of the municipal ruling. Blythe has been held for fifteen days in detention without an official charge being filed by the prosecutor's office, and has his U.S. attorney and two Czech lawyers assisting him with his case.

Czech courts deny bail when one is charged with murder (as opposed to manslaughter), terrorism and rape. They also will not grant bail when there is a danger of recidivism, tainting witnesses or fleeing the country. The video footage in question does not show Randy lifting a finger to the decedent (Daniel), and shows a security guard hired by the venue throwing him headfirst upon his third time jumping on stage and him staggering thereafter with a large gash on his head.

Read the full series of articles over at The Gauntlet.


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