Friday, July 06, 2012

News: "Shitwave... The Sale!" Cattle Decapitation Announce Personalized Sale. Get Autographed CDs, Vinyls, Cards and More!

Since the disappointing recent (abrupt) cancellation of Shockwave Festival, bands that were scheduled to perform are left with tons of merch among other havoc wreaking, profanity enticing setbacks. Progressive grindcore legends Cattle Decapitation are making the most out of a shit-tastic situation, however. Having released their latest full-length album Monolith of Inhumanity (reviewed here) in May of this year, the group planned to tour in support of the record all summer. So it is no surprise that Shockwave was going to fund their upcoming European tour which is set to launch next month. 

The band could really use some help unloading all of this leftover merch to fund the upcoming tour, so they're offering up a special deal! They're selling autographed CDs, LPs and even some out of print 7" splits along with a lot more, at very reasonable prices.
I don't like disaster, but when it ensues so do benefits... and these are some benefits worthy for the reaping. Get yours while supplies last!

OK, so, with our tour cancelled, we're left with a mountain of merch in Travis' living room that won't be sold until our next tour which announcements are coming soon for... UNTIL THEN... we're gonna sign some LPs, CDs, 7"s and GPK trading cards and sell em to those who want em! We got a European tour coming up next month and could use some start out cash thanks to Buttwave being cancelled... Please note: Price covers cost of the item AND shipping!
We got:
1. MONOLITH OF INHUMANITY vinyl LP - signed and we'll personalize it as well if you want. Please specify if you want yours "unsigned".$25 US$32 Int'l
2. Cattle Decapitation/Caninus split 7" on orange wax - out of print, these are the last copies!!!$13 US$17 Int'l
3. MONOLITH OF INHUMANITY CD - signed and we'll personalize it as well if you want. Please specify if you want yours "unsigned".$13 US$17 Int'l
4. Cattle Pail Kids Trading Cards - sealed pack of cards, comes with a special card that has a 15% off your entire IndieMerch order code! We can sign the outside of the pack or the individual cards but YOU must specify or we send em blank!$8 US$10 Int'l
How to order: 
PAYPAL TO HUMANJERKY2000@YAHOO.COM with complete instructions of what you want AND your address! 
*Price covers cost of the item AND shipping! 
*Sorry, right now we are only accepting PAYPAL.  
You can also help us out by purchasing shirts and stuff from our webstore! Right now if you spend $50 or more at our webstore, you get a free autographed poster! (Poster not available with OUR special we have going today, just at our IndieMerch webstore which is not run by the band, sorry!)
Source: Official Cattle Decapitation Facebook 


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