Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Stream: Nachtmystium "Silencing Machine" 1 Track

On July 30th in Europe and July 31st in North America, the Chicago-based black metal outfit Nachtmystium is set to release "Silencing Machine," the band's 6th full-length album. Recorded at Engine Studios with the band's own synths/electronics specialist Sanford Parker (YOB, PELICAN) handling producer duties, "Silencing Machine is," as front-man/lead guitarist Blake Judd puts it, "a fuckin' black metal record".

In anticipation of this release, Nachtmystium has now premiered a new track, "Decimation, Annihilation," which can be heard from the player below. Also check out the track listing and album art below.

1. Dawn Over The Ruins Of Jerusalem
2. Silencing Machine
3. And I Control You
4. The Lepers Of Destitution
5. Borrowed Hope And Broken Dreams
6. I Wait In Hell
7. Decimation, Annihilation
8. Reduced To Ashes
9. Give Me The Grave
10. These Rooms In Which We Weep


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