Monday, January 14, 2013

News: Talamyus Announce New Drummer

Melodic death/thrash metal ensemble, Talamyus, have announced their newest addition to the group via a direct statement;

Hail fans of Talamyus and devoted metalheads.

We would like to announce that we have once again added new blood to our vanguard and are
preparing for war!!! First, we would like to recap the addition of lead vocalist Krystal
Koffin to the band in April of 2012.

Having her vocal in the foreground has added a sick demonic edge within our songs. Combined
with Ben’s backing vocal, we have transcended our force into the depths from which we spawn.

However, the growth of Talamyus has not stopped there!
We are honoured to announce the arrival of drummer Etienne Gallo to the band (Augury,
Quadrivium, Neuraxis, Live- Aborted), He will be a permanent member of the Talamyus family,
as we are now preparing our 4th release. We are greatly anticipating the new dynamics Etienne
will add to our mission of metal! We are sure old and new Talamyus fans will be pleased with
the direction we have chosen to take for the next album. It will still have the Talamyus feel,
but with an altered atmosphere.

We are very eager to share it with you all! Keep checking in as we will be releasing new
content continually and very soon!!! Thank you all for supporting Talamyus throughout the years
and for years to come. You are all what matters in our world!!!

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1 Shouts:

  1. This band is amazing but without the new female vocalist who drags the intensity of the direction of the band down down down.
    This girl belongs in a beginners death metal fall female band or something .
    Talamyus you were perfect vocally before please loose the dead weight and come back.
    Lucky this band has nothing recorded with this new vocalist,for now I will cherish the older albums and pray for the best.
    Sincerely Old Talamyus Fan