Thursday, January 03, 2013

Site Update

Greetings Sinners,
I'm sorry for the long time in-between posts. I realize I haven't updated in months, my personal life has been very hectic and I haven't been in the best writing environment. I'm sad that I didn't get around to some of the things that I wanted to do with Volumes of Sin this year, like a 2012 guide to the best and worst music.

One of my New Years resolutions is to consistently update Volumes of Sin. I've also been toying around with moving to different site hosts like Wordpress and Wix, or whether I should just stay here and upgrade to a real domain name. Either way, I'm gonna start up reviews again soon. Thank you for your loyalty and patience in this time. I will also be moving soon, in the next few months, so I will have to be preparing for that.

Happy New Year!
- Villi Thorne


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