Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Stream: Defeated Sanity "Passages Into Deformity" Full Album

In celebration of its release (today!) via Willowtip Records, is currently streaming Passages Into Deformity from German death metal tyrantsDEFEATED SANITY in its entirety. Already dubbed “one of the best metal releases of the year,” by Stereokiller and applauded for their “intensity and unbridled imagination,” by The Metal Observer likening the nine-track slaughterfest to “the very heaviest Vile and Cryptopsy have had to offer,” Passages Into Deformitywas recorded at Soundlodge Studios in Germany with guest vocal appearances by Frank Rini (Internal Bleeding), AJ Magana (ex-DEFEATED SANITY, Disgorge US), and Brian Forgue (Syphilic, Gutrot) and sound effects performed by Jon Engman (ex-Brodequin).

Mangle your ears for approximately 40 minutes HERE NOW. Thank us later.

The bowel-shattering follow-up to 2010’s critically lauded Chapters of Repugnance comes paired with a bonus DVD featuring making-of clips, interviews and vicious performance videos. Order your copy HERE. Additionally, you can peep a studio clip of “Lusting For Transcendence” at THIS LOCATION.

“These Berliners seemingly have it all; the furious technicality, the over-the-top heaviness and the slam-a-docious slammity-slams… basically, they’re taking everything that makes the various mutant strains of brutal death metal great and combining them into one unstoppable force; I mean shit, what’s not to like?” -- That’s How Kids Die

“The German deathsters with their new album, Passages Into Deformity, reach new levels of stomach-turning brutality and unparalleled heaviness.” – Unhallowed Nation

“…don’t be surprised if DEFEATED SANITY’s Passages Into Deformity is still reigning atop the brutal death metal crest.” -- MetalRunsInMyVeins

“…an excellent brutal death metal effort; nothing slams harder.” -- HeavyBlog IsHeavy

“DEFEATED SANITY…amplifies any presuppositions one might have of Hell and turn it ten-fold.” -- Sputnik Music

“…pitiless, enthralling Brutal Death Metal.” -- Metal Observer

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