Saturday, March 23, 2013

Site Update: Lapse in Content Explained

Hey Sinners,

Owner/Operator Villi Thorne speaking. I know that there is a noticeable lapse in content present here on Volumes of Sin as of late. This can be attributed to the following two reasons:
The main reason is that my internet service provider has been really, really shitty lately. I might as well be running off of dial up. This has made posting news, doing band research for interviews, checking my emails and basically anything internet related near impossible. The second reason is, is that I've started a new full time employment. For now, I am on days and I have to get up at the hour that I'm generally going to bed. I'm a night hawk, but as soon as I have completed training I will be on overnight shifts which will make things easier on me. Taking in so much information and working 40 hours a week leaves me little time to be able to review at this point until I get a schedule set up.

So those that have sent me reviews, please continue to be patient. I am awaiting on my sixth internet technician to come out this coming Sunday... he will hopefully fix my internet speed and the consistent disconnections I am experiencing. Your patience is greatly appreciated in this stressful time.

Villi Thorne


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