Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Stream: Abriosis "Fucked With a Knife" Cannibal Corpse Cover Video

Vancouver-based death metallers have followed up the February 1st release of their new (and free) EP Vessel with a video cover of the classicCannibal Corpse track, "Fucked With A Knife". Watch the video here:

"'Fucked With a Knife' is such an iconic Cannibal Corpse song, we thought it'd be cool to put our own spin on it, not to mention throwing a bit of a twist in there by using a female voice to tell this sordid tale," comments Abriosis vocalist Alxs Ness.

February 1st, 2013, marked the release of the next chapter in Canadian brutality and innovation from Vancouver's progressive death metal quartet, Abriosis.

Download Vessel, entirely free, via the band's official website: http://www.abriosis.com/p/abriosis-vessel.html
A limited run of CDs are also for sale in the online store.

Vessel merges disorienting waves of sonic violence with an ever-present thunderous pulse. Though short and sweet, this EP hits hard; representing the latest evolution in the band’s signature progressive death metal sound.

The band's third release overall, Vessel marks the first Abriosis recording to feature new vocalist Alxs Ness (ex-Without Mercy). Ness' Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/Alxxxs) has attracted over one million views split between her death metal vocal covers and vocal technique/advice videos.

"Vessel is what we've been striving towards for years," comments guitarist Taylor Lipton. "We feel it truly defines the sound of ABRIOSIS, and foreshadows our future endeavours."

Praise for Vessel:

"Fascinating, fearsome stuff: metal for PhDs." - The Georgia Straight

"(...) fast, heavy and technical metal songs executed with masterful precision." - MetalDisciple.com

"The important and tasty stuff here is the presence of unbridled rage that is kept from skidding off the path to Metal glory with excellent musicianship, spot-on production and well-crafted intensity." - BetweenTheHorns.ca

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