Friday, April 19, 2013

Site Update: Highs and Lows

Hey Sinners,

Villi Thorne speaking. I hope you've all kept safe and are migrating into the spring weather well. It's been fairly fucking cold here up until the last couple of days, all the snow has finally melted away and now it's just an abundance of rain... which is better than snow in my personal opinion.

I finally switched service providers on April 8th. Before that, the service provider I was with was only allowing me to pull 0.5 MBPS speed... essentially, dial up. I am now back to my regular speed of about 30 MBPS which is good, sadly I lost out on a lot of promotion opportunities and updating my site was next to impossible throughout the mid of February and onward, thus the lack in news updates and reviews.

Next week is my last week of the brutal 5 AM wake up calls I have to do for my job, after that I'll be going on a much more suitable schedule for my needs and it will make reviewing a hell of a lot easier. I even had about a week of 10.5 hour days which killed me, my brain power has been null and void pretty much this entire month with the high hours and early wake up times, I generally go to bed at 5 AM... waking up at that time just feels so wrong.

So expect more content to gradually begin again. Bands, I thank you for your patience, PRs I thank you for yours as well.

I am Villi.
I am not legion.
I am one.
I do not forgive, I do not forget.
Expect reviews.



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