Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back in Business! OFFICIALLY

Greetings fellow Sinners.

 I want to extend my most deep and sincere apology for the hiatus of the website. I was transitioning from being jobless to working a full time 40 hour per week job, that job went to 44 hours per week with a three hour commute each day... making roughly each day a daunting 12 hour long ordeal. And what's more, in a four month period I had to adjust to three different work schedules.

Then I got very sick and am still recovering from my sickness, though it's almost over now. I know I've probably pissed off some people and let some others down, but my financial needs and health care come first for me. This recovery and adjustment period was essential for me and I just couldn't keep up with the site in the meantime. But now, I've steadied my work schedule, reduced my commute time, and am not in ill health.

So we are back up and running here at Volumes of Sin and I want YOU to submit me your content for review. Over the next few days, maybe even weeks if it takes that long, I will be pumping out whatever backlog of content is in my email and on hand physically. Please be aware; I've switched computers. Sadly, my old review queue got corrupted in the transition... if you have previously submitted content please feel free to resubmit. I've missed reviewing a lot. It's time I start catching up.


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