Saturday, October 19, 2013

Site Update: New Rating System, Please Read (EDITED)

EDIT: Fuck it, I'm keeping it at 10/10 system... I cannot fairly grade any material on a 5/5 system. It seems unjust to me. I will keep the 10/10 system and find some way to implement it. But it is going live today.

Greetings Sinners,

I've been thinking of implementing a new rating system. As you may have noticed, the sizing on many smaller ratings (1.5's and such) are incredibly awkward in size due to site modification limitations. To find a work around, I've decided to redo the system.

I struggled with this decision, and I don't yet quite like it, but I've decided to take the site down to a 5/5 rating system. I honestly prefer on a scale of 10... but the margin limits and in the effort to keep the site clean, user friendly and appealing to the eye will just not allow for it at this time. I'm currently working on the graphics for the new rating system, as the pentagrams I currently used were only ever meant to be temporary. I held off on reviews at the later part of the week since I decided around Tuesday or Wednesday to go ahead and apply this change. This will mean going back through all of the reviews on this site and update them one by one with the new graphic. I will also have to calculate and adjust ratings accordingly down to the 5/5 system.

Please be patient within this time, and thank you for being Sinners.

- Owner/Operator


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