Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Official Statement Regarding PR Companies


Owner/Operator/Sole Reviewer Villi Thorne speaking.

While I appreciate every promotional/press release company and band who are interested in my reviews and getting reviews from me, I'm coming across multiple companies (not bands) who are bombarding my inbox with promotional invites and news articles with absolutely no prior communication. I have a multitude of PR companies who I work with on a regular basis, who have personally communicated to me, and this is the method that I prefer. I need to know about your company, what metal genres you specifically cater to, your website and client information. I will no longer be taking on PR companies that do not personally contact me prior and ASK if I would like to be enrolled in their distribution list.

I'm more than happy to take on new PR clients, but let me be honest with you. I have some very large name PR companies that I am active with, I write for The Metal-Observer, I have small PR companies, individual labels and independent bands who submit their content to me. On top of this, I also have my own personal reviews that I would like to get done, as my content here seems to be mostly new stuff. As a side note, in the new year I will focus on getting out 1-2 "old album" reviews up per week to show that I do have an expansive knowledge, and TO expand my knowledge, in metal. Anyway, I cannot be taking on PR companies that do not send me a personal email of contact initially. I simply do not have time to hunt and search for what clients you may have, what genres you may indulge in.

I will also be checking to see what PR companies actually end up distributing my reviews and creating a priority list. Sadly, some PR companies that I write for, no matter how good the review is (10/10, 9/10 etc) will grant me the lowest page hits for a well known band while a company I write a mediocre review for (6/10, 7/10) grant me more for a band with a smaller fan base.

Please, don't think me rude, but my inbox gets filled up with over 100 emails in less than four days. I still want your content, I still want to get to everyone that I possibly can. I wish I could put more hours in a day, but working full time at 40 hours a week and having a life prevents me from getting everything done for this site that I could ever imagine to. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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