Tuesday, January 28, 2014

News: Spewtilator Release "Goathrower" in February

Boris Records has set February 14 as the date on which Goathrower, from death thrashers SPEWTILATOR, will be released. Thrashing mania ruptures a minefield of pustule-esque influences on this EP. A "gore-de-force" of all things fast and nasty, Goathrower sees the trio barfing forth four more offerings in their trademark style of weed-thrashing death cacophony by way of grind-core ethos with a blown out ZEKE cover for good measure. SPEWTILATOR has been delivering smoked out, beer drenched, headbangers' belching, burrito-tinged death breath since 2007 and Goathrower ups the ante in 2014. Cover art by Hand of Beaver. Check out this exclusive stream of the EP's title track, courtesy of the bad mofos at GunShyAssassin.com, at this location.

1. Goathrower
2. Cherokee Curse
3. Cave of Hatred
4. Afterworld Inebriation5. Let's Get Drugs

Praise for SPEWTILATOR's Inhale Awaits EP:

"Inhale Awaits is like walking through a party and guzzling, snorting and popping every pharmaceutical shoved into your greedy drug hole and letting the kaleidoscope of highs crash through your CNS. Spewtilator brew up Metal Blade-era Slayer thrash, crossover intensity, and grindcore's patented high/low vocal tradeoffs over three songs that revel in everything fast and piled up." - Andrew Childers/Grind and Punishment

"Spewtilator has an awesome moniker and an awesome logo that pays tribute to Slayer. Also, they titled this EP Inhale Awaits, so we know who they worship. Now, let me tell you something. I love this shit. I love Spewtilator and (theyʼve) got the goods; frenetic pace, thrashy late 80ʼs vibe and demented vocals. 4 out of 5 sparrows." - Deaf Sparrow Zine

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