Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Unfortunate Mishap...

Hey everyone,

This isn't going to be my usual site update post filled with enthusiasm as to what is coming up for VoS. And vulgarity is going to ensue, so read at your own discretion.

As you've probably noticed, VoS was down for about a week and we're at a new address. No drastic change, but enough so that you've probably had a hard time finding me again. I'm extremely pissed off with my previous domain host. What's up? My renewal came up in early February for my domain name and well, the site that this webpage is hosted at no longer supports hosting domain names. They sold the hosting to another company. Needless to say my login information was deactivated and I cannot recover that account.

What now?

We're now at www.volumesofsin.NET instead of the previous .COM address. I will be re-purchasing the .COM address when it finally becomes available again and I will reroute the .COM address to the .NET address.

This is more of a burden than people probably realize as I have to painstakingly go through every review, every page, every everything and update any .COM address link to the new .NET domain.

Anyway, please bare with me as I complete this unnecessary and unfortunate migration.


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