Sunday, February 23, 2014

Functionality Level: 98%

Greetings Sinners,

I took the time while I was updating every single god forsaken link on this website to the new .net domain address to implement the band database that I was previously, slowly, introducing. Every single review section is now updated with this feature and it will make browsing reviews a lot easier and more informative... I hope.

The only thing not updated are the "View more reviews/articles by blah blah" links on each review, which should not hinder audience experience. Just do a manual search in the meantime.

Reviews will start again this coming Tuesday. I have a pile of CDs left from Hypnotic Dirge Records and a couple from Metal Message as well as one from Silver Wings Studios. As most of you know, physical is in priority over digital. So these will be pumped out before anything else with only high level exceptions.

In other news, yours truly is going to see Black Sabbath, Carcass, Gorguts and The Black Dahlia Murder in April. Yes, there will be photos and videos of all. I'm going to try and get up some more of my photography and videos that I've yet to upload but that will be a slow process as I still haven't even finished editing most of them. I also reformatted my PC and have to reinstall Photoshop to edit pictures.


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