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Interview: Kult of Taurus

The malevolent black metal forces have produced an extremely strange, volatile concoction through the recently released Divination Labyrinths by the Greek five piece group Kult of Taurus. Volumes of Sin recently sat down with vocalist Sarpedon to discuss their debut full-length album, as well as a few other topics. For a review of the album, click here. More information on the band can be found at their website.

The interview is done between Villi Thorne and Sarpedon.

Hails and thank you for taking the time for this interview with Volumes of Sin. What evils have Kult of Taurus been partaking in recently?
Greetings! We are now in the process of recording our next full length, which will keep us busy until summer. We also have prepared a split release coming out early summer by Forever Plagued Records.

Kult of Taurus is a rather unique band name. How was this celestial zodiac title conceived for the group and what does it represent to you?
When the Kult was founded, we wanted a name that could stand alone among the many names of the genre and to carry our purpose across. Based on the lyrical approach of the time (Ancient Crete, Minoan mythology) we were striked by the use of this particular animal (Taurus) and the strong symbolism it bears and so it was chosen. For us it has a deeper meaning like for example the unstoppable nature or the destructive force that surround our Kult and this is the reason we did not change the name even though our lyrical direction walks within other paths now, but you get my point.

Your debut full-length album, Divination Labyrinths, is a hellishly gruesome take on the genre of black metal to say the least. Where were the main sources of your horrors summoned from?
From deeply within ourselves. If we had done it otherwise then we would have failed. Surely there is musical inspiration but by the time of composition we use other methods that are not be mentioned here. Like an old musician (who's name I can't recall now) said once "Newborns do not come from newborns but from other things, and so music cannot come from music..It must come from other things!"..For us, the sacred union is that of the above with the below that brings forth our tunes!

What is the general response that you've received for this album overall so far? How do you feel that both live and at-home audiences perceive Kult of Taurus as a band at this point?
It is not our highest concern. Besides it is too early to answer something like that, since we have not done many shows abroad. Our only concern is that we conquer things of a higher nature and that doesn't necessarily include audiences or masses.

The material on this album comes off with a jagged industrial sound that adds it's unique grim spin. Was this your original goal, or is the industrial fusion something that just happened when all of the pieces were put together?
Yes we had something like that in our minds based on the chaotic song structure and passages but we were afraid of becoming more plastic and less organic which would not be our goal. We spent many emails with Vicotnik talking about this and I think he handled it great in the end. The album breeds the correct atmosphere based on our vision and stands on it's own.

Describe Divination Labyrinths in your own words; what does this album mean to you and what story is being told?
Divination Labyrinths signifies a beginning in the exploration of the divine and the self. It is the outcome of practices based on the hidden knowledge cometh from various sources. It is also a realization of the world we live in,and the opening of the third eye that sees beyond material illusions. The point where the flame cannot be tamed within the limitations of life and will burn everything on it's way to ascend. Take a look in our lyrics and images while listening to our material and see.

The drum and guitar work on this album is absolutely insane. How much time did it take to write the compositions for each and how difficult was it? Can you elaborate more on the techniques that are used in the content?
I must denote here that Divination Labyrinths was recorded more than once. It has been constantly evolving since 2009 where the first songs for this album appeared, and many attempts to record that did not meet our expectations got thrown away. Within 2011 we also changed drummer so Nodens who was not familiar with our style had to take some time in order to offer his talent but we think he nailed it! No particular technique was used other than rehearse and record.

Having just released your debut album in October of 2013 it's probably a little early for this question, however are there any thoughts for a follow up release yet? Do you plan on going in the same direction?
As I said earlier we are in the process of recording our next album right now, but it is too early to reveal our plan.

Once again, thank you for partaking in the interview! Best of luck on tour and in the studio!

Interview Courtesy of: Forever Plagued Records


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