Review Submissions:

If you are a band, record label or promotional company that wishes to have your material reviewed, feel free to send all invites to here.
PR companies, I welcome your invitations to join your mailing lists as well.

Bands, please include:
  • Your full band name
  • Your genre
  • Either a digital download of the content being submitted or a written invitation to send a physical CD. Physical CDs are always preferred over digital for packaging/artwork review purposes, but both are acceptable.
  • Physical CDs get 100% queue priority. You took the time, effort and funds to send me a CD? You get first review above anything else in my queue once I receive it.
  • Your official website, whether it be a Facebook page or a classy home page.
**I will NOT accept streams for review purposes. This can be a stream via Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, YouTube or otherwise. Streams do not offer the highest quality audio for review purposes, this is the reason that they are unacceptable to me. I also often review on the go and outside of my home, streams tether me to my desk. Any e-mails sent to me providing only a stream for review purposes will be deleted and not addressed in any fashion.

For photography booking and information, send all requests to here.
Note that I live in Canada and do not have the means to travel world-wide. I am limited to Ontario and Quebec photoshoots and events only at this point in time.

In addition, please respect my content. None of my photography is to be used without my consent, as it is my artwork and I do own the rights to it. Bands, if you wish to use my live photos of you in your upcoming CD booklets, website, etc., please also inform me of your doing so. Please also credit my work accordingly. Legal action can and will be pursued upon failure to credit my artwork. Likewise, none of my reviews or articles are to be published or distributed without my permission.

Please note: Your content will under no circumstances be distributed in any form, digital or otherwise. Your content is safe with Volumes of Sin and will be used for review purposes only.

All full album and singular track content streams found here are legal and band/label approved. Illegal downloads are not supported by Volumes of Sin or its owner/operator Villi Thorne. Copyrighted material such as album artwork, Soundcamp/Bandcamp players, YouTube videos etc, used under Fair Use. If you are the copyright holder and believe your material has been used unfairly, or if you have any suggestions, feedback or support, please contact the webmaster via the email provided above.